Employers of Environmental Consultants

There are a number of firms that offer environmental consultancy services, and most of the smaller ones concentrate their work in particular sectors. Others are experts in specific services, such as environmental impact assessment or audit, across all industries. The larger consultancies have often grown out of firms that originally made their names in fields such as waste management, civil engineering or water and sewage.

Environmental Consultancy Customers

The customer bases of consultancies consist of all industries of business and industry, along with local and central govt, in the USA and internationally.
Various other employers of environmental consultants consist of: district authorities; central government; non-governmental and wildlife organizations; pressure and preservation groups.
in the longer term, positions are liable to be expanding further afield in the developing areas of India, China and South America.

Consultancy is the single largest hiring sector for environmental experts

Regulation continues to be the significant driving force for growth in the environmental industry, very closely followed by new development and infrastructure/regeneration.
The greatest growth areas in consultancy are anticipated to be climate change/emissions management and waste management and sustainability, followed closely by environmental impact assessment and contaminated land.

Environmental ConsultingConsultancy is in fact the fastest expanding part of the United State’s economy and working as an environmental consultant is not lagging. While consulting as a whole has been predicted to increase exceptionally quickly (76 % as compared to 11 % for all work), environmental consultants are anticipated to expand by 78 % (Bureau of Labor Statistics). While this is quite encouraging growth in the industry it must be noted that employment positions are not always very easy to come by. Given the eminence of the work and also the high salaries (consultants earn typically roughly 1.5 times what various other private industry workers do), there is a good deal of competition for consulting positions. Therefore, prestigious educational and professional backgrounds are in some cases necessary to get into the field, particularly at the sector’s leading companies. The nature of the job is likewise shifting as environmental techniques are established and refined, consulting will become more execution directed.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, there is quite a wide range of wages taking into consideration the differing degree of authority one can hold within a consulting firm.

The following are the mean salaries specified for a variety of positions:

  • research associates – $38,600
  • junior consultants – $46,010
  • consultants – $58,240
  • senior consultants – $80,500
  • principal consultants – $82,618
  • vice presidents – $140,005
  • executive vice presidents – $155,000

It is important to note that while there is opportunity to rise within firms, primarily those staff members with the very best academic and experienced backgrounds, along with an outstanding history of service within the firm itself, will certainly advance to the best positions.