Asia Pacific Network for Global Change Research


Association for Environmental Consultants and Companies of Malaysia


Environmental Engineering Society of Singapore
EESS is an active membership organization dedicated to the professional advancement of the science and practice of environmental pollution control.

National Environmental Agency (NEA)

Singapore Environment Institute – an institute of National Environment Agency


Environmental Pollution Control Association of Indonesia (APPLI)
Asosiasi Pengendali Pencemaran Lingkungan Indonesia (Environmental Pollution Control Association of Indonesia) is a professional organization whose members consist of certified Water Environmental Pollution Control Manager and Air Environmental Pollution Control Manager. This Association includes practitioners, scientists, consultants, contractors, suppliers, vendors, and observers who focus in the field of Environmental Pollution Control in Indonesia as a result of industrial waste pollution


Environment Bureau

The Green Council (GC)
The Green Council (GC) is a non-profit, non-partisan environmental association of Hong Kong A group of individuals from different sectors of industry and academics shared the vision to help build Hong Kong into a world-class green city for the future. They formed the Green Council in May 2000 with the aim of encouraging the industrial and commercial sectors to include environmental protection in their production and management processes.


Ministry of Environmental Protection


Carbon Markets and Climate Policy in China


Ministry of the Environment
English language home page of primary environmental agency